Ok, so i've recently recorded the 2 songs that are in my profile. They're both originals and i've showed them to my friends and they like them, but they are not the most musical of ppl.

I'm just trying to get some feedback and criticism on my songs. They're in my profile.
Victims of a Scene
:51 - feels like you are dragging a bit
You should hook this song up with some synth pads and a really deep bass line.
I am missing vocals. Felt like someone was going to start rapping. hint hint lol
For this to stay an instrumental piece it needs more variation / a solo / something more.

Trip Song
1:19 there is a big empty space? like for one second no one is playing.
1:45ish there is a big scrape that I don't really care for.
2:12 I really like the guitar part that comes in here. (the really mellow arp.)

Once again, vocals/melody? Granted there is some melody stuff going on, it just needs something more defined I guess.
Maybe some more low end?
Also, this piece could sound really cool with some experimental noises on it. I have no clue if you are into that kind of stuff, just saying I think it would sound cool.
haha jared its funny that you should say that it sounds like a rap song, cause my friend actually rapped to it last night and i thought it sounded pretty good. Both songs have lyrics done and ready, but i dont sing so im waiting for my bro to come home, cause he sings.

I really appreciate the comments, other than that though, what do u think of the recording quality?