Ok, christmas is coming up and looking for some upgrades to my gear. I play classic rock, Cream Zeppelin Black Sabbath...
Heres the problem, I'm on a budget nothing over $800. So I'd like to do one of the two,

1. New guitar, right now I play an epi LP. I was looking at the Michael Kelley Patriot Premium. Although im not sure the EMG's would suit me. Or, would it be easier to just upgrade my pickups?

2. New Amp, I'm really lost here. I was looking at the Line 6 spyders but they dont seem very well liked. And I dont really know the benefits of a tube amp. Bottom line I need to keep up with a drummer. I currently use a Marshall practice amp (absolute ****) and a behringer vamp 2

any help would be appreciated.
get a new amp. you can get a classic rock sound with an epi lp and a valve amp
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change o-ups, and try amps out at the music store
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Get a marshall half stack
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Go for a new amp first, changing pickups only make a good tone better.
If you have some money left over, you could change the pups, but the guitar itself is fine, nothing wrong with Epi LPs
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I'd go with a decent tube amp, at least 30watts. That should be plenty to hear over a drummer, and you could run it through the PA for larger needs. Fender and Marshall, both have some nice Combo tube amps that would give you that Black Sabbath overdrive. Here's some advice. Don't buy a guitar and a amp right now. Go ahead and spend the majority of that money on a really good amp, or a really good guitar. If you try to buy a amp and axe, then you'll have a limited budget, and you'll end up getting mediocre equipment, that you won't be happy with in the long run.