Is Berklee only in Boston? and is it a good idea for a Canadian to move to Boston for Berklee or is Berklee not that great of a school and not worth it?
Berklee is one of the best schools for music. It is in Boston, MA and not only is the school expensive but to get an apartment in Boston isn't cheap either. It is a very large investment for a industry that is losing jobs like crazy that will not be coming back due to a digital revolution plus bad economy. I would say find a school that will also offer you business (I think Berklee may offer business as well to minor/major in) so that you can get a major or minor in something else other than music to give you a plan B which is always needed in music and all entertainment industries.
When I weighed it for myself, it wasn't worth it. Staying in Canada was

- Way cheaper (As a canadian citizen yearly tuition will run you from 2-6k depending)
- Better for partying (lower drinking age (18 here in Quebec, and they only card you in clubs anyway), lax drug policies, good weed costs less, etc.)
- Education is just as good (this goes as well for just about any course of study - it's been shown that it's not where you go, the teachers and programs are all at a high level, it's what you do there, how well you work)
-While they're nothing compared to a place like NYC, cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto (ew) have good scenes that you can play and network in.

And you're already used to the cold. It was a no brainer.

But the universities here mostly offer conservatory-style programs in either classical or jazz.

While you can, as an aspiring rocker, take jazz, you won't like it unless you find something you like in the jazz. A place like berklee has the whole "contemporary rock/pop/metal" thing (which in my opinion is a very poor choice of university programs) so if that's your thing well, they've got it.

From what I've heard, berklee is at its centre, a fine jazz school. But for my situation, there were far better choices. Make sure you find you as much as possible before you make a choice.
Berklee is excellent if you really apply yourself. It is not a place where you can be in the middle of the pack and still have a competative degree, though.