Hey. I'm new to UG and the recent owner of a tonelab LE.
I loved this multifx at first try, it allows me to dig into older tones instantly, say queen, purple, i got some hendrix too, even the starting metallica. I love it even more because i can find close tones to gary moore or slash.

What I'm looking for is an agressive type of distorsion. I've been playing with it for several days now, and I haven't been able to find anything heavy. I'm talking about a therion/old nightwish/epica/within temptation kind of distorsion. I got on a different realm using a boss mt-2 through the effects loop. But nothing heavy enough - take orion by metallica. That kind of thing.

Is it possible to obtain such a tone with a VOX Tonelab LE? I found metal sounds on youtube, but everybody seems to use the SE version. Google isn't very helpful either. I'm content with it, but I really wish it had some agressive stuff, too.

I can't say I've studied the market a lot. I got this effect because I wanted to re-start playing. My last setup (and only, ever) was Guitar Rig software through a Boss - MT2. Never got a good tone, so I went unplugged, evolved technique, then I grew bored and quit.

When I entered the shop, I asked for an multifx suitable for rock/metal. I wasn't asked for a price range, so I was given a zoom first. I dropped it in 5 minutes. I've asked for an ax3000, then an utopia rocktron, then a tonelab. I've finally settled for the tonelab le.
Do you have an amp?
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Nope. I don't have the space, money, and neighbours for a decent amp.
LE: is it crucial to have an amp? Isn't it possible to get good distorsion with modelling alone?
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