i love mine. i do not know how much they run for used at GC.

one problem ive had, that i still havent fixed is: sometimes when i turn the power on, the tubes wont light up. im not sure why. but if i turn it off then on again a couple times it usually works. had it apart and everything seemed to be in proper working order after visually search and testing all the parts conductivity. not sure. i can tell you that this head sounds amazing.
CAN I GET A +1?!
Yeah, the one I played a while ago had a sick tone.
Especially for metal.
Sounds like your tubes might be dying.
I mean, i'm not positive or anything.
I was pretty disappointed in it at first, but I got some new pickups, messed with the EQ's, and I LOVE IT.
When I get an EQ pedal/bad monkey overdrive pedal it'll tighten up the sound even more.
and i dont know sorry
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