Ive been listening to loads of Incubus lately, and i really dig Ben Kenneys tone (not to be confused with that of Dirk Lance's in early records) and i was curious if anyone could give me some advice on how to EQ to get that sound out of my rig.


my setup currently is

Cab: Gallien-Krueger Neo 410 800w
head: Gallien-Krueger 1001RB Mark - II

bass: Fender Marcus Miller Jazz bass
yeah, laklands make better jazz's then Fender but i was thinking i might be able to pull off something similiar with mine
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yeah, laklands make better jazz's then Fender but i was thinking i might be able to pull off something similiar with mine

Meh. Have yet to find a jazz I've liked more than the marcus miller bass.
You should be able to pull off that tone.
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I'm a huge Ben Kenney fan... I've been listening to his stuff with The Roots, Incubus, and his solo work for years. Early in November I went to see his solo act at in Pontiac, and got there early enough to actually meet him and chat it up for a while before the show! He's an unbelievable musician and fantastic songwriter.

Anyway, if you want to nail his bass sound, he uses Lakland US and Skyline Joe Osborne 4-strings with GHS flatwounds and Lindy Fralin pickups. He records with a Mesa Walkabout 1x12 combo, and plays live with a Big Block 750 and Mesa 8x10. His picks are Dunlop Nylon .73mm. Other basses include a Lakland Hollowbody and Bob Glaub, and a Hofner.

To get his sound, you'll really need a Jazz bass and flatwounds, and plenty of picking and palm-muting.

The Marcus Miller may work, but it will probably be too bright, and the active preamp will throw off the sound. You need a passive Jazz with GHS flats. Other flatwounds may also be too bright, such as Rotosounds.
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I'm sure a Jazzwith flats and both pickups on, EQ flat on both bass and amp, should do the trick. I've seen him play at the bridge pickup too.

ANd I quite like GHS flats - they have that grippy stainless steel feel to them, not to gooey greasy feel of some other ones.
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