I recently got a Christmas gift (from myself, to myself). I bought a Raven RG60 amp. Its an amazing amp, and I would highly reccomend it for others. But I'm a self taught guitarist. I've been playing for nearly 2 years, and this amp is far to loud for my use. Neighbors have already complained about it (I've had it less than 3 days!!!), and I can't get a solid tone thats the lower volume picks up and plays. I only play in my room for fun, nothing serious.

If anyone could help me out with a amp that has great sound quality Ide be appreciative. I have a few requirements/standards that I'm looking for...
Less than $250
2 Channels
Playback option if possible (this one didn't but I loved it in the store and had to get it anyways)

I love to play stuff by A7X, and GnR, so any amp that works with a rock/metal tone is great. Also I have a digitech Rp250 sound processor. I don't always use it, but its cool for effects, so amps like Line 6 Spider 3's effects arent necessary.

Thanks for your help
I have a Crate V18-212 and I love it. Only about $ 200, but it's one channel. But you're asking a lot I think for $ 250 in your description. Good luck though.
I'm glad you like your Raven.. it's been hailed as the next Marshall MG...

I'd recommend a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr for what you do. Keep it 15-30 watts, anything more than that is probably overpriced or simply too loud for what you want to do. Most amps with a built-in looper don't have fantastic tone, at least in my experience.


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