I haven't been able to record in a long time, and finally today I did.. I can't sing quite as well as I used to but with practice I'll get there. The guitar is my pride and joy though, take a listen please and tell me what you think.
LO-FI Stream = http://bei.dmusic.com/music/stream/lofi/371742/.17eaf789/stream.m3u

HI-FI Stream = http://bei.dmusic.com/music/stream/hifi/371742/.17eaf789/stream.m3u

im tightly tied down to
of words ive been saying
my entire life
formed on my tongue
as i'd suddenly come down
with a case of the frost bite

in conclusion im inconclusive
hanged to thaw and dry out on a line

suspended in time now
with a chip on my shoulder
left out in the sun
to melt my soul
her eyes, never fleeting

the one.
i spoke upon reanimation
is one all far too many
perty good man... keep it going man... you should do a 12 string version... just a suggestion keep it up
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