Hi all,
I am interested in getting a distortion pedal for my guitar this christmas. I have been looking at the Boss DS1 because of the low price and good reviews. My question is, what other components do I need? What cable(s) do I need to hook it up to my amp? Thanks in advance!
you just need 2 instrument cables (guitar>pedal>amp). You also might want to buy a power adaptor for it.... or just use batteries
If you're playing metal or rock, get it. I own a DS-1 and it's perfect. You can get so much sound out of it. And as for other cables, you'll need two instrument cables. One that goes from the guitar to pedal, and then one that goes form pedal to amp. And if you can, buy the power adapter. Mine eats up batteries.
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because i have a DS-1 and they aren't really the best tbh

Yeahn the DS-1 isn't really a great pedal. It's only $40 for a reason. You should look into other Boss Distortions and pedals from other companies as well. The DS-1 adds a LOT of hum and it's really not very versatile. There are plenty of other distortions around $100 that are ten times better than the DS1, but if you really like it then by all means get it. You should just check out other pedals too.