hey ug...ive been looking into amps and heres my problem...
ive been looking into tubes and i have like a next to nothing income and even if i get the amp i cant afford tubes without planning for it. so...is there anything solid-state that would give a decent tone compared to a low end/middle tube amp? less than $1000. as far as size...big but not too big for practice (marshall mg250 size is good) i need to play auditoriums but nothing bigger. i play most everything except slide and flamenco so it should be well rounded in that sense. built in fx dont matter at all...in fact im better w/o them. mulitiple inputs are good but not necessary. thanks in advance...lemme know if you need any more info.

oh! that aforesaid marshall ive been looking at...is it any good?

again thanks
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Something under $1K? You have PLENTY of options as far as tube amps go then.

Avoid Marshall MG's like the plague. Granted, there are far worse amps out there, but the reason everyone gives MG's such flack around here is that they're not very good, and way overpriced.

You can get a great amp with your budget. In fact, most of the tube amps I can think of that exceed $1K are either boutique, or stacks. Here's a bunch of combo amps you should look into.

Peavey Classic 50
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville
Marshall JCM 800 or 900 combo
Mesa Boogie F-50 combo
(And quite a few others, maybe an Orange amp?)

If you're playing more mid/high gain stuff, I'd go with the Marshall or Mesa, but if more bluesy and clean stuff, the Classic or Fender might be better for you.. That F-50 combo will handle just about any genre with ease though. Also, check craigslist and ebay for good deals on used amps, go to local music shops to try stuff out too.
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