So I'm trying to get that early Jimmy Page-ish grind and I've pretty much determined that I need a pedal for it. I've asked around a bit about good Tonebender MkII clones (think Jimmy Page) and have gotten responses about the BYOC ESV MkII (most price effective), the Throbak Stonebender and the PS Yardbox. Another board member gave me a good bit of info about some of these pedals but I'd like to hear some other opinions as well if anyone else has tried any of these.

I'm mostly interested in the BYOC, has anyone tried this? While BYOC gets good reviews from most folks, I'm trying to see if anyone has tried the MkII clone in particular. Also, if anyone has any other recommendations, feel free to post them.
MJM Brit Bender was pretty sweet and copped the Page tone when I tried it through a cranked Blackface Vibrochamp.
Yeah I've heard of the Brit Bender but the clips I heard on their site sounded more fuzz face-ish than tonebender-ish (weird, considering it's a tonebender clone)
Just out of curiosity, Page was using the MkIII at RAH, correct?


like that right there, for some reason, that is what I think of when I'm thinking MkII. Just a real gritty, aggressive fuzz, or is that just the effect of an MkIII being pushed through an overdriven Hiwatt?
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Nope, Hiwatts only at RAH. He only used the MKIII in June '69. I know RAH is rather fuzzy sounding, but it has to do with the way he was running the Hiwatts that night, basically he could boosted one head with the other. There's a footswitch that went with the amp that acted as a cathode follower line out when he had them daisy chained like that, it provided the balance to that.
Ah I see...

Wow, just leave it to Jimmy Page to make his tone virtual impossible to nail down. I do love the early '69 tones though. What I really just want to hear is the Mk II through a les paul, since all the recordings I'm currently looking at right now are either les paul+MkIII or telecaster+MkII. I think I might have the Montreux recording lying around somewhere (though mine might be '70 rather than '71), maybe I'll give that a listen...

I think I'll just bite the bullet on the BYOC MkII and see how I like it.
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I can upload the '71 Montreux show if you need it. What's interesting is there's really no trace of a Tonebender-ish sound at all, sounds just like the amp. In one of the pictures of him with the MKII at Montreux the volume is rolled all the way down too on the Tonebender, quite odd.

4/27/69 at Fillmore West might be the LP and MKII. The LP is definitely there, where the fuzz may be coming from is another thing. The MKII would be my first thought, but he had a Vox UL4120 on stage at this time as well which had a built in fuzz. 5/28/69 at The Boston Tea Party has some traces of the MKII on it, pretty sure he turned it on for You Shook Me. It's a decent recording, a little muddy though.
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so i read a post by Throbak on TGP who says he hears Page's MkII tonebender just about everywhere! haha, I'm certainly quite interested in his stonebender which he says he diddled around with an original to get the most Page-like tone. Maybe the extra cash would be worth it...

or at the least it could be considered a very nice xmas present to myself. Haha

I wonder how this would sound with a cranked JTM45
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Hah well he went a little overboard with claiming when it was used, he did the same thing at the Les Paul Forum a while ago. He even thought Page was using it on HTWWW which as you probably know is just straight into a Marshall. Not sure if he really believed it or was just trying to sell the pedal. No doubt the Stonebender gets JP's tonebender tone down well though.

I know Page ran his MKII through a JTM45 during the Yardbirds a few times... not sure how overdriven the amp was though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58mQvW0ROag
I'd look into the Monsterpiece MKII clone. One of the best bangs for the buck IMHO. I'd be willing to post some soundclips if you like.

You can order them straight from the builder on the HC forums. It's actually an MK1.5 clone that's sort of been designed to get that tone.
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Clips? Please! That'd be great!

Just did a little research, they are definitely getting great press!
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Sure. i'd be glad to do some tonight.

I'll let you know once I get some up.

Also if you can't wait till tonight HMCMedic has some amazing clips of Richard's pedals.
This one is the MKII.

I'll get mine up soon as well, though I warn you my playing leaves alot to be desired.
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Damn GAS striking me again... that sounds very nice actually, I was doing some reading on some other forums about the MP, just out of curiosity, it seems a lot of people like the PNP or NPNs? I take it that those aren't the same as the MP "MkII" (which only has 2 Ge transistors?)?

I will probably contact the builder in the next few days, the clip sounds great, now I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to buy an MkII (I'm leaning towards the MP, $100! what a steal!) first or the Teese picture wah. (not that it matters I also need a new set of preamp tubes, along with replacing my fried power amp tubes and was looking to go NOS on GEC kt66s, not to mention, I need a new phone as well... if only money weren't so tight with this economy but hey after friday at least I can turn my textbooks into about $250!)
^ I also own an NPN and I can tell you it's an amazing fuzz.
I suppose that doesn't help the GAS, but you have alot of options between the NPN or MKII.

NPN is basially a fuzz face clone with two silicon transistors, it's definitely got more fuzz on tap than the MKII and has a sharper more defined quality to it. I'll see if I can do a clip of that as well. Both are amazing and i've actually gotten great Zep fuzz sounds with both the NPN and MKII.
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