Hi, im new here. And I'm also new to songwriting! My english isn't that good, so I don't think I can explain everything as I would like to!
Anyway, I would like som tips from you.

When I try and try to write a riff on my guitar, I always get a boring riff! It's always the same. What I think is, that if I listen to different kinds of music, I will get more ideas than if I'm only listening to a couple of bands or genres. When I listen to classical music like Beethoven, even though I dont like it, I get more ideas! But I still would like to hear more from ''different worlds.'' I mean; Jazz guitarists and bands, blues, classical music and so on.
So, what bands, artists etc. has inspired you? In any way! Lyrics, riffs and so on.

Or maybe other thing does inspire you? Like background noises, like raining or a thunderstorm, whatever, who gives a feeling to the song? I don't know... I haven't got that much experience yet.

I would appreciate(?) it very much if you could help a young ''musican'' like me.