im planning on getting SD Blackouts for Xmas, but dont want to pay installation
(like $50 each at GC, ewwww).

on that note i would like to get instructions on how to do it on my own, since itll be a valuable ability to know in the future.

note: im gonna put them on my SG.

any help?

on SD's website, go to the pickup you got, then there should be a .pdf file to download that says installation guide
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on SD's website, go to the pickup you got, then there should be a .pdf file to download that says installation guide

If you have no experience with soldering, I'd just leave it for now, find a local tech to do it for you.

I got my GFS installed for $20
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They come with an instruction layout, it's not brain surgery, just some soldering.
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well they will most likely come with wiring diagrams. if not you can find one at the SD website or stewmac.com

You'll need a soldering iron and solder. I use a 35W Weller iron ($25) and 60/40 solder ($4) you will also want to get rosin core flux ($6). Watch some soldering tutorials on youtube and ask any questions here, plus I know there are tons of other threads like this one so just look around.

EDIT: really I think you should do it yourself, like you said, it's nice to learn how to do this kinda stuff and it's really not hard.
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Soldering is very easy, there are plenty of instructional videos on youtube.
i would also add that you should get yourself some electronics wiring. the kind with strands like the pickups have, not the solid core wire. and practice your soldering
i'm sure there are video tutorials on youtube about soldering. and i wouldn't doubt specifically guitar electronics soldering.
oh, and also get some solder absorber. it looks like braided metal
you can do it
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thanks to the internet its easy peasy, dude
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