haha =] so i'm playing metal/heavy rock mostly and basically all i'm going for is a nice rhythm and nice solo tone but where everything sounds huge ..

guitar --> wah --> whammy --> bbe sonic stomp --> delay --> isp decimator --> amp

ok... but i want to get a nice overdrive pedal that i can use as a solo boost for my distortion channel... think i'm gonna go with the tubescreamer. sound like a good idea? only problem is i really don't know where in the chain it should go...

does anyone know where a maximizer like the sonic stomp "SHOULD" go in the chian ... also the overdrive... when you have a delay and a noise reducer too, like i have? because i've tried it in other places but it really seems to change the tone a LOT (not for the better...)

I would put the delay, the maximizer, and the noise gate in your effects loop. Then run the OD after the wah and the whammy.


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that's also what i've been wondering! =] so... when i put it in the effects loop though, my amp has the knob to blend it from either like 0-100% so... where exactly should i put that..? and what's the advantage of having them in the loop?
I know that for the noise gate if its in the loop it kills not only the noise from your guitar and other pedals but any noise your preamp produces as well. You will still pick up all your regular tone but minus any hiss from your distortion and such.

You should probably put your delay after the decimator just before sending it back to the amp so that the gate doesn't close on your trailing repeats from the delay.

EDIT: Oh and you can set the blend to taste. and your OD should go somewhere in front of the amp
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