Is it trustable to buy through them? Cause theres no official way, we're just basically giving them a credit card number and they'll send it. Theres no official transaction. Not to mention the sites a little funky looking, i expect it to be a little bit more polished, although I'd rather have them spend time on their amps instead of the website.
I thought the website looked a little weird when I first went there too, but Avatar has been recommended to me before, so I think it's legit.
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Lol i read the payment method. Just usually u fill out a form while ordering or u make an account which is the only real reason. So i guess ill tell my dad the site and tell him to order =D
they are very trustworthy. The reason you buy directly from them is to cut out the middle man. This allows there to be no mark up. Notice the list price on there website for a 410. Its $1099. This is the price you would pay in a music store. I use an avatar 410 and it sounds great. I like it better than most of the other cabs ive played out of that cost $300-$500 more.
You don't pay list in a store, you pay retail....list is only put there to make you think you're getting a deal. Avatar is still very good though...direct is generally much cheaper than retail.
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I've ordered from them before... They have amazing support and are very trustworthy.
I own avatar cabs and trust me, Dave (the owner) is probably one of the hardest working people out there in the music industry.
He provides great products at a very reasonable price and personally answers any and all quertions you might have when he came.

SO you have no worries gong with Avatar

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Woudl you recommend an Avatar Neo cab over a GK Neo?
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It depends on what cab your getting as far as speaker configuration.

The GK neos come in 2x12, 1x15, 4x12, and 4x10

The Avatar neos come in 1x12, 2x12, 2x10, and 4x10

Now if Dave ever decides to make a neo 1x15 cab I would jump all over that

Avatar cabs are really great and really affordable.
I stand by them personally.
If you get them and you're dissapointed,
I'd be surprised.

But go out and try the GK neo cabs for yourself to see if you like them.
And if you love the sound you get from them,
go ahead and get them and forget about the Avatars.

But if they leaving you wanting, then the avatars are definitely a good choice

Just my 2-cents


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