I'm just searching round on the 'bay and I've found something interesting that I'm looking for a few of your opinions on. What I've found is a Jazz bass listed as "Fender", here's what I'm wondering about:

Bought two years ago from a seller who advised me it came out from the Fender factory, unbranded. I cannot therefore vouch for it. I bought it because it sounded good and played well.I have played a genuinely branded fender jazz bass thru the same amp (Not a bass amp so it probably makes a difference.) and to my ears there was no real difference. All electrics are as original. Fender cover original, and i have the pickup rest which i have not fitted.

Have you guys ever heard of this? Like a Jazz bass coming out of the factory without being branded so it is essentially a Fender Jazz bass without the name on it? Here's a few pics, my birthday is coming up so I'm wondering whether to drop a bit of money on an early present for myself!

Do you think this could be legit?
Ask the seller for a serial number. If he can't give you one then be very weary.

Edit: Now that I look at it, it doesn't really look very legitimate at all. If that's a real Fender then the quality control at Fender's gone down the ****ter. But still, ask the seller for a serial number.
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who cares if its a fender or not, try it out and if u like the way it plays/sounds then get it anyways, whether its a legit fender or not

edit: i need to start comprehending what im reading. i wasnt thinking about it being on ebay when i suggested that. id say its a scam

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I'm pretty sure fender doesn't tint their necks that dark, so I doubt it's real, and it smells of scam.
no, it didn't really come out of a Fender factory
headstock has some minor differences from a real Fender, and the pickguard looks a funny shape (although that may just be the picture)

it could sound the same just because they might be real Fender pickups or something.
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Pick guard is for sure different. And the border on the headstock where the rosewood stops doesn't look straight.
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Thanks for the quick replies guys, don't think I'm going to pursue this, bit of a risk on something like that, and I've got better things to do with my money, e.g. Xmas shopping lol

anyway cheers guys!
I noticed that on ebay last night, total bull****, i wouldn't touch it with a ten foot barge pole.