Where were you, when i said
Help me my friend?
Where were you when i needed
Your aid?
And what were you doing when they
Dragged me away?
You turned your back saying
It won't happen to me
Turned your eyes blind
Saying i can't see

Where were you, when they
Threw me in jail?
Where were you, when they
Beat me down?
Why didn't you help and
Take a stand?
You were too busy, saying
As long as it's not me
You held your head high,
Saying i can't see

Someday, my friend, they'll come for you,
You'll sit back and wonder why,
You let these horrors go by,
Content to let others take the pain,
You mocked your guilt and buried your shame,
You tricked your conscience,
Memorised their lies,
Stood back and watched,
While your life was good

c4c as always any comments appreciated