hey UG, im having a big problem with my guitar technique

i usually play about 3 times a week or so and im a medium to good player but lately my picking hand has been giving me problems, its like getting stiff or something so i cant do the whole picking motion and its frustrating, my fret hand is ok

i usually go to a gym like 2 or 3 times a week too and first i thought that was the reason but honestly i dont think it is cause i dont lift that much weight and i only do a normal routine

Please help!
Try either taking short breaks every so often while playing or do some picking hand warm-ups before you play. It never happens to me, unless it's just my knuckles needing popped or something, so I can't help you very much. The only other things I can think of is that maybe you're trying to pick too fast or possibly you're just lifting wrong when you go to the gym. I don't think that problem's normal if it's serious enough to make it impossible to keep playing, though.
Relax, you're tensing up, which kills speed, and can lead to injuries. Start slow, relax, work your way up to tempo.
I don't think you should expect to be very good if you're only playing thrice weekly. I'm pretty sure I'm confused by what you said, though.

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