alright well i just got a new guitar and amp a few days ago. The amp was seemed to be ok, small, but decent quality. the guitar i got on the other hand isnt so great. i only paid $75 for it and its probably not even worth that.

anyways when i plug the guitar into the amp it works fine when im standing still, but everytime i make the smallest movement the amp makes a noise like the guitar is not plugged in but much louder and the only way i can make it stop is to unplug the guitar and plug it back in.

its really starting to piss me off. ive always been more into acoustic but i wanted to start playing electric and this is my first one. am i doing some stupid thing wrong or should i return one of the things i bought?
Its a simple error, just some grounding issues on the hardware wiring. Just redo the wiring for the lead jack, and it should be fine.

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it's all coming back

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sounds like a bad jack, my squier does that, i just put silicone on the inside, it stopped... but it's doing it again, and im too lazy to reapply the silicone... i say just get a new jack