Hi folks , recently bought an m-audio fast track guitar /mic recording interface after a bit of trouble i eventually got some recording done, however after half an hour or so the sound on my pc cuts out completely, I've been trough all the usual routines , although I know very little about it , being a total beginner. Really Im hoping someone might recognise the cause or possible cause of this problem , cheers Hot Ned
the fastrack is very sensitive to electronic overload as such..like turning certain lites on and fridges etc...if there on the same cycle as the fastrack it will cut out..i have on..everytime i turn the kitchen lite on while its playing my music..puff it goes off..
Sounds like you are on to something, I had my pc up at my bro's house and he had it going perfectly, the only differences i have at my place is that its right beside the fridge and also i have my speakers plugged into the headphone socket on the m audio and they have thier own power source ,
Yeah I'm having this problem as well, as soon as I switch off my guitar amp, the Fast Track is put off.. it kinda sucks, but I haven't really found a way to solve it =/
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yeh its to do with power surges its just very sensitive to them...i even have mmy computer plugged into a surge protector...didnt solve anything... my solution....sold it and brought a Delta 44 PCI audio card :P
Hi , chheers Maddy , this thing has been meltin my head for months now i just plugged the fridge into its own socket and its workin sweet as anything
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