Ok so today I finally got some one to buy my MG100HDFX and MG412 cab, so I need a new cab to go with my B52 AT100 head.

I have been looking at Avatar but then I found this seller on Ebay called Son Set Beach, he/they build custom cabs. Has anyone heard of them or bought anything from them? They also use Warehouse Guitar Speakers any idea if they are any good or would it be better to go with a set of Celestions?

Here is a link to one of their auctions.
so i've played all sorts of cabs loaded with celestions, and read that a lot of people like
the warehouse guitar speakers better. I wasn't going to just go straight off of word that they sounded identical if not better, specifically i heard that WHG rounds up the harsh highs of the vintage 30's for a more smoother top end. still i wanted to play them before purchasing, but i was looking for some sound clips, and came across this video comparing the 2 spekears.
you can hear that they are identical when he's doing lead work, and rhythm wise
the low end is a bit chunkier. i actually made my own 2x12 cabinet, and not trying to sound cocky, but i did a very nice job on it and took my time. so i guess the only other
question is going to be are the cabs open or closed back, and what is best for you.
as for the speakers, they are coming tuesday, and i'll hopefully have the cab finished and wired by the weekend, i'll try and let you know how they sound.
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I actually have done business with the guy who runs Son Set Beach... one shiesty dude. I have read elsewhere that his cabs fall apart and are inferior to anything on the market.
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