I got two songs out in one day, dunno if that's actually a good thing though. I'm pretty pleased with the solo in "The Circle" at 1:10 - I did some different stuff than usual, doing a lot killswitching. I'm not sure what happened but the mix got killed by Youtube. There's a definite midrange boost, or low and high cut which is annoying. If you like, there is a link to the mp3s which sound a little better.

C4C for real. Thanks for listening.

"The Circle" and "Birdhouse" :
Its pretty tight stuff yes the solo at 110 is great but the drum track needs improving and i think more of a bassline behind it
Something started bugging me, maybe you guys know, do either of these songs seem too long? I know their pretty short, 3:30 and 2:30 I think, but they seem to me like they don't move along quickly enough. Maybe I've just heard them too much.

Jack15_11: Yeah, I agree, I'm not happy with the drums, the snare especially is annoying. I was using a trial version of Ableton 7 for these songs, but it ran out before I could go back and mess with the mix. I thought the bass was fine, Its not super loud, but you (I) can feel it in the background.
The Circle: Actually pretty decent compared to some stuff I have heard on UG. The Lead guitar could have more volume to it in the mix. The only really bad thing I heard was the killswitching. It kind of ruined alot of the song for me. Sorry. I will give this a...8/10

Birdhouse: I didnt think it was as good at all as The Circle. It had a funkier rhythm to it so that added some complexity. Same mixing problems as the above. I will give this a...6.8/10

C4C Please?
As others have mentioned, the drum track on the circle is pretty annoying. The guitars sound pretty good, the lead part that comes in around 1:00 is solid, and the solo is definitely cool. Thick tone, and the kill switching added to it I thought. Overall I thought the leads were more interesting than the rhythms, which tended to stick to typical hard rock progressions and rhythms. The leads were definitely cool though, pretty interesting note choice and phrasing in places.

The opening solo is birdhouse is nice as well, a definite stoner metal vibe with that lead tone. Same deal with the second solo, some of the faster sections and bends are a little sloppy but it works and fits the vibe of the song. Good stuff overall.

crit for crit?
The circle had a cool intro riff, seemed to remind me of The Call of Ktlulu and Hangar 18, the lead that followed it was alright but didn't do too much for me. The lead that starts around 1 minute in is a lot better, good job here. The section at 1:50 was also cool, simple but really effective lead in my opinion. I really didn't care for the lead that followed this up to around 2:30. Your outro solo was alright, not terrible but not amazing either. You had a cool intro rhythm, and most of the leads with me were either hit or miss. Nice job overall though.

The birdhouse's intro solo was pretty cool. Like the person said above me, some of the faster sections with bends are a bit sloppy, but it doesn't just completely stand out from the song. The section around 2:05 or so is also pretty cool, lots of layering here and I liked this part. The outro lead to this song was also pretty cool.

Between the two I'd say The Birdhouse is the better song because I find the leads to be much more interesting than The Circle, and also The Circle seemed to drag on a bit at points.

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