Hey guys, as you can probably guess I'm a drummer (played for the past 7 years or so), but since I'm off at college now I don't get to play much at all. So I was thinking about picking up an acoustic guitar and learning how to play. I've wanted to play for awhile but never really got around to picking up my own guitar, I play my friends from time to time and he's taught me some basic stuff...

But I was looking around and think I've settled on the Yamaha FG700s, it's a very decent price and apparently a fairly good guitar judging from the reviews.

Anyone have any other recommendations for around 250 bucks?
The fenders at that pricea are very reliable. I have a harley benton (£25) and a Art and lutherie (£300) to choose from and i pick the Harley. Its about personal preference so i reccomend going to a shop to check it out
Epiphone makes some decent guitars for that range as well. If you can pick up a used Epi Hummingbird (with a nice solid top), you'll be set.

But, since you're a drummer, and this is your second "toy" to mess with, pretty much anything that sound decent to YOU, and that feels good enough for you to learn on should be just fine.
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A Yamaha in this price range is a great choice. One of the few brands you can get a solid top with. Also check out the Takamine GS340. $300 US, solid top. Takamines are great guitars, and this one won't disappoint you if you go for it. It is EXTREMELY important that you try before you buy though, just like any other piece of musical equipment.

EDIT: Check out the "Which Guitars Under $300?" page. Lots of great stuff in there. Just remember this: Stay away from Ibanez acoustics at all costs, and even Fender is iffy in all ranges. Both companies have really bad reputations in quality control. We've had all kinds of complaints in here lately about Ibanez acoustics.
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My personal favourites in that price range are the Yamaha FG700 series guitars like the one you've chosen, Norman, or Simon & Patrick. The yamaha has superb playability while I think the Normans and Simon & Patricks offer slightly better tone(They're made from the same parent company, so they're similar).

You also can't go wrong with anything in the "Guitars for $300 and under" stickied thread, but I haven't played a lot of those, so it wouldn't be right for me to give feedback on them.
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