ok so about a month and a half ago i bought a guitar off of ebay. the guitar was awesome, i enjoyed playing it, it sounded great, and i loved the strings. about 2 weeks ago i broke one of the strings so i decided to put a whole new set on.

i have no idea what strings were on the guitar. they were black. i could tune to drop c without any problems but they were definitely not .12s. i was thinking they might be some kind of custom 10-50 or something like that. they had some kind of nice coating on them and they were black. i really want to figure out what brand of strings they were cause i've been trying to find a set i like since i broke the old ones. i've tried 9s, 10s and even 12s, but i didn't like any of them. the 12s were too thick and i couldn't play them comfortably. the 9s were just...blah, felt loose and couldn't tune down. the 10s were ok but i had some playability problems when tuning to drop c.

black strings that can drop tune but aren't too thick - anyone have any ideas what they are? or can anyone recommend a good gauge for me? i play in drop d the most but i like to play in standard and some drop c as well.
if they were black they might have been DR black beauties

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They might be DR Extra lifes, that's what i happen to use. They are coated and feel great, i use .10s but i wouldn't know about Drop C as i've never tried it. You might want to try them.

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Try .10s

Link: http://www.amazon.com/DR-Strings-BLACK-BEAUTIES-EXTRA-Life/dp/B0002H0SX0/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&s=musical-instruments&qid=1228613152&sr=8-8

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