Does anyone own this guitar or able to give me any information on it?

I can pick up left handed for around £300 which appears reasonable but i don't know anything about Crafter as a make...
They are made by Injea Park of Korea. Established in 1972 by HyonKwon Park it used to be particularly known for their state of the art mechanised manufacturing techniques and artificial wood aging. It's a sort of company policy to lead the world standard in that, and it surely makes for an exeptional high quility of build for a very reasonable price. Especially the decorative inlays of all Crafters are the best in the world.
For obvious reasons however, state of the art tooling and 100.000 guitars a year doesn't quite cut it in advertising acoustic guitars. People want to believe their guitar manufacturer is an old craftsman personally hand carving 50 instruments a year out of a log his great-grandfather bought in 1922, so the Parks family came up with the name Crafter.

I have a GEA8 that I bought seven years ago, and mine is absolutely 100% dead reliable. It's also very beautiful and well finished. Soundwise I wouldn't say it is any better than most other guitars in it's price range. Neither is it any worse than average, but it doesn't stand out like one or two others.
One great asset is it's plugged in rock & roll capability. On stage in a loud environment it really cut's through the mix without catching feed back. There the sturdy build really pays off.

But that goes for my model 8. The 15 is probably more light weight and has more of the sensitive response you'd expect from an acoustic. In any case; for that kind of money you surely won't find a more exquisite and tastefull wood mozaïek sound hole decoration than that of a Crafter GEA15.
Thank you very much for the feedback, it's highly appreciated.

I think I may go ahead and buy the 15. For the price, it can't be complained...