I'm starting a band that I would be the leader and head songwriter of, and I want to know your guys opinions on who I should let join this band of mine.

First of all, I know a guitarist who is a year older than me and slightly egotistical, and he has being for only 5 months but can shred pretty decently. I have very good at lyriclal type solos and some shred type things and I have been playing a year and 4 months. If you joined he would be the second-lead/rhythm guitarist.

Next, I know two other guys that play guitar: One who has been self-taught for a year, and the other who has had a teacher for about 7 months and knows a guy that is going to START learning how to play bass. If either of these guys joined, he would be the rhythm guitarist and the bassist would try to keep up with us.

Alright now, the guitar player that can shred a bit, knows a great drummer that is the same age as him who he would bring along to join the band with him, which would save me the trouble of having to find one myself....

I want to know your descision on whether I should let the shred guitar player join the band with the drummer or let one of the rhythm guitarist and the bass player join. Another idea I had was to let, both the shred player with the drummer and the rhythm guy with the starting bassist join so I could have a pretty strong band alongside me.....Which give us 5 people plus a singer which would give us 6 people in the band.

I will post my questions about finding a singer once these questions are answered.
Thanks for the help.....
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You could have 6 people in a band, 3 guitarists isnt to common, but if you think all of you guys can get along and write music, try it out.

Yes, poop.
if worst comse to worse you can cut the rhythm player or just drop guitar and focus on singing yourself.

go with your gut. but at the bottom of it go with whoever youll have the most fun with. whats the point if you hate everyone in your band.
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you can always just find out about both guitarists drummer/bassplayer, then contact them yourself, and just choose whichever of the guitarists better suits the spot.
The first guitarist just sounds like a wank to me. Playing 5 months and already egotistical? Forget him.

As for the others, pick the guitarist you think would be best for your sound.

For the bassist, that's great and all he's "going" to learn, but you're just doing the same thing as picking a random dude from the street and shoving them in your band. It's not the most desirable place to be considering how important bass is in a band. Any chance of getting someone who knows how to play bass?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Pick the kid with that knows the drummer because... heh... anyone can play the bass

But if that guitarist is too egotistical, then let everyone BUT him join.
i dont know about where you live but drummers are hard to come by so if hes good snatch him up now or he wont be around long. bassists are hard to find too but there are generally more to go around than drummers
Talk to the drummer yourself. Just because the egotistical guitar player knows him doesn't mean he has to be in the band to. Call the drummer up and see if he wants to join, then pick the guitarist with the bassist.
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