I'm looking for some good cheap gas station cigars. I had some strawberry dutchmasters last week, and i liked them, but im looking for something else. I really only like flavored stuff. I also sort of dont like black and milds, i think they have an almost skunk-ish taste. what's something good to get? post brand and flavor
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they all taste like **** and are really only intended to be used as blunt wrap.
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prime time: grape

colts: rum and whine, cherry
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also i second backwoods. those are the cubans of gas station stogies!
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"
black and milds like 80 cents
i don't smoke em my bro does
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anything made by Game is usually good. I'm quite partial to Game Greens.

EDIT: they taste like a bakery
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White Power Owl - Peaches aren't bad for one buck a piece.

white owl makes white grape flavored those are pretty good....

my favorite are backwoods banana blunts
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