I bought a Randall RH150d g3 head. Should be here on monday. I dont have a real cab for it yet, but I do have by dad's old 2x12 ampeg bass cab sitting in my basement. If I plug in to that thing to test it around it a bit, am I going to damage the ampeg?
Well, you gotta check the ohm rating for the bass cabinet, if the number is lower than what the Randall head is, then you cannot.

For example, if the cab is 4 or 8 and the guitar head is 4, then yes you can.
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Make sure the ohms match, make sure the cab has the same amount of wattage or more than the amp.
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The cab says 8 ohms so I can only play through it if the head is 8 or less? No other problems will occur just because its a bass cab?
Yeah it's fine, now if it were the reverse...then you'd have some problems.