Hi, I'm TheIrishPatriot, and this'd be my first post. You can skip the next paragraph if you want.

Anyways, I've been playing guitar for three years and a bit. I get by. I'm into musical theory (The past bit, I've been learning about the modes, and now I've got them down), and the next thing on my list is sweep-picking. I've got an awesome guitar (Gibson Les Paul Custom) and a crappy amp (Fender 65R), and some old Boss effects.

I started a band very recently. Our first 'gig' will be in February, when we play at the drummer and singer's school's coffeehouse. Aside from the usual problems, such as finding time that fits into all of our schedules to practice, there's one thing that pulls all of us down.

The rhythm guitarist.

1) He's newer to the guitar, and doesn't have that much of an idea as to what he's doing.
2) Ego problem.
3) Partially deaf: Trouble with tempo, etc.
4) Annoying, whiny, difficult, see 5 and onward.
5) After practice, will mention how he doesn't like our songs, and that he'd prefer to do covers, even though we decided that we liked our songs and are going to improve on them.
6) He dislikes not getting his way.
7) Only idea of music is metal. Nothing wrong with that, but he's the quintessential metalhead >.<
8) He dislikes the singer.
9) And his guitar sucks.

Some forgettable reasons, but they all add up together. He doesn't add anything to practice, he'll play loud and annoying riffs while we're trying to talk, and he's an awesome pessimist.

Is this reason to kick him out, AND, how do I go about kicking him out, because apparently he has anger issues, and he's twice my size. Rawr?
If you get him to be a bit more humble and actually cooperate, perhaps he would take some lessons/advice to get better, and actually contribute to your sound down the road. But if he's as new to guitar as you say he is, try not to be a dick about it.

Edit: And being in a band is all about compromise. Don't completely put him down or shut him out, but then again, don't make it so that he always gets his way.

Edit2: If you REALLY feel the need to kick him out, let him down easily, but honestly. Explain that you all agree (if you do) that it would be best at the moment for him not to participate, because he's really preventing any progress.

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tell him that he is not fit out for your band and should consider joining his own band probly a metal band.