i recently purchased a Monster Cable Rock 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable and was pleased with the difference. my tone was definitely sharper and has more dynamic. so of course I'll buy a speaker cable for my cab as well. but my questions are these

~are these speaker cables really worth the money/performance ratio
~if so how much difference would i notice.

if anyone has suggestions are opinion please voice them.

p.s. i can only go guitar center on this one cause i have this 15 dollar promotional card and a 10 percent off coupon. yes i know im cheap
I'm not sure, but you should look on the 15 percent off coupons fine print.

I had a 30% off back in april or may, and I went to use it, and when I went there, the fine print said no monster :/
I have the monster 500 speaker cable and i really like it. I had an old crappy no name brand speaker cable and I could tell a difference in the sound. It feels like it has more mids and the sound comes through a bit clearer. I'm sure the pro 1000 sounds even better, its probably a thicker cord with better sheilding.
yeah i'm hoping for that. right now i have the regular live wire which is fine but i dont want any limitations between the head and the cab.