All too often I find myself recording a million takes of riffs that I write, because a note on guitar is a millisecond late or a note on the first or second string on bass doesn't come out loud enough, or maybe because a note I sang is just a tiny bit sharp or flat. I always dwell on the fact that my right hand technique isn't as good as Jaco's or that I can't play Page's solos, or that I can't sing as well as Brandon Boyd. I realize I don't suck, no one is complaining about me sucking or anything. I amaze the **** out of my band members whenever I play bass, but I'm just never satisfied with my talents.

Does anybody else feel the same way about themselves or am I weird and have some sort of self-esteem disorder? I mean I don't have low self-esteem, it's just some things eat away at me.
It's only natural. Even a musician with a hugely inflated ego, when left to his own devices, is going to dwell on flaws in himself (with maybe one or two exceptions).

I don't think it means you're overly self-critical. I think it's very, very hard to be overly self-critical.
I dunno, I always found that to be a positive characteristic because my self-criticism made me practice more and fix the little errors that were annoying me.
I'm the same way.
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