I have recently purchased a Peavey Classic 30, and I adore it. I am creating a christmas list, and I think I want to include an overdrive pedal on that list.

What I want from this pedal is to give my amp a ballsier distortion sound, and also to add to the available gain. As it is now, I can ALMOST achieve a metal sound, I just need an overdrive to give me a little bit more crunch.

I am looking for the following

Opeth-like overdrive (think Heir Apparent)
Van Halen tone

And also, I would like to be able to achieve a nice lead tone ala Steve Vai, or Joe Satriani.

I consider myself an advanced player, and I would like a quality pedal, but of course I don't want something really expensive either. So I'm thinking under $150 would be nice.

I have looked at

Digitech Bad Monkey
Fulltone OCD
Ibanez TS-808

Your suggestions and opinions are appreciated.
PRS SE Singlecut
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