What do you guys think of the Fender SuperChamp XD? I was at GC today and it was on sale for $279. I want to get as close to pure tube as possible, and I didn't have to warm it up at all after it had probably been off for a long time. The fuse was blown. So does that mean its one of those "hybrid" modeling amps? It sounded ok, but I didn't get to compare it to the Blues Jr. next to it (which was on sale for $450) because I was being rushed out by my mom and brother. If it's important, I'm learning blues, country, classic, Christian, and SOME modern rock, as well as chilled out island/beach music, just because it's awesomely relaxing

My mom really doesn't understand amps. For Christmas I wanted a Blackheart Handsome Devil, and we got a system worked out that I would get money from all my relatives as well as my parents. Then we go into GC and she says "why don't you just get one of these cheaper amps?" while pointing to the Line 6 section...an area overrun with Spider III's I told her no, those amps are awful. She said why, and I told her trust me on this one, ok? What I'm saying is that all of a sudden she thinks I shouldn't be getting a nicer amp because they're "expensive." Can you guys help me make an argument?

tl;dr - What do you think of the Fender SuperChamp XD for blues, country, classic/Christian/some modern rock, and a little bit of island music. Is it one of those weird "hybrid" modeling amps? Also, I need ammo for an argument with my mom that it makes sense even for a beginner like me to get a Blackheart Handsome Devil or Fender Blues Junior ($450 amps) instead of this SuperChamp or (Heaven forbid) a Spider III
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