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None (SS cleans)
34 15%
a tiny bit (country)
18 8%
a little more (dirty blues/50's rock)
47 21%
12 o'clock (classic 50's rock)
37 17%
bit more (dirty, punk)
39 17%
hard rock
77 35%
37 17%
101 45%
black metal
36 16%
16 7%
Voters: 223.
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I had to remake the thread so I can mess around with the options for the poll.

I don't mean what do you practice scales and stuff with. But when you're just fiddling around with the guitar, maybe trying to write songs or just alleviating boredom. What do you set the drive to?

I allowed you to pick multiple options, but don't go crazy. Pick 1 or 2 that you use the most.
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well depends what im doing...when im first learning a song i use cleans only that way i can hear any mistakes i make and work on those bits. Then when im done i usually crank the distortion up as high as i can since i play mainly metal/metalcore
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Just however much the guitar naturally drives the amp at. On top I use a Digitech Screamin' Blues analog overdrive pedal set to boost output by roughly 15%, bass and treble both by roughly 10%, and gain by roughly 15%, which I use for a solo boost.
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I write mainly on an acoustic, or an electric on the clean channel. I doodle around with the other channels after I've finished writing the piece.
If I'm not playing on the clean channel, I have a very low amount of gain. It almost sounds clean, but it's not.
It varies with what I'm playing, but somewhere between an Opeth and Tool level of distortion is where I like to stay most of the time. That equals about 11-o-clock on my Metal Muff pedal.
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I choose metal, but there needs to be CRUSHING OVERDRIVE!

Marshall MG fo' sho' [/sarcasm]

I only own acoustics ATM, but whenever i test out guitars it generally has good ammount of distortion on it.

it depends but I keep it at 6/10 (I use the gain booster on my amp(peavey ultra) because it beefs up the sound) and I have a lot of mids and a little more bass than treble.

The other settings have effect on the amount of gain pumped out and so does the volume.
I don't practice scales and stuff, and I rarely use my amp unless I'm playing with the band. For that, it depends on the song, but I usually just turn the clean channel up until I can be heard with the other instruments. We play unnecessarily loud for some reason, so it usually ends up at about the OD level of The Who's early music.
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I choose metal, but there needs to be CRUSHING OVERDRIVE!

Easy there Zakk.
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ermm...my amps gain is on max...but the amp has ridiculously low amount of gain, I don't use the OD on my amp often though.

I only bought my big muff today but the settings go like this volume 12 o'clock, tone 3 o'clock (3/4's to max) and sustain is max.

On my double muff Muff 2 is on max, and muff 1 is on like 10 o'clock (when I use my jagmaster muff 1 is a little lower).

* I've yet to play the big muff with my jagmaster.
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But really, typical SG amounts of gain.
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But really, typical SG amounts of gain.
Please explain, because to me, my typical gain setting with my SG is little to none.
my gain is at 9 almost all of the time
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Used to be a major metal head in the 80's. Jackson with a JCM800 and a tube screamer - all the way.

Since then I've learned to appreciate a mid-range gain level. Now it's a custom strat on a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb. Even if I play the same hair metal licks, this set up makes it sound so much tastier - at least to me. Great super gritty gain, Mesa low end (Vintage channel), clear notes, no noise (lace sensors), and that SRV howl when I need it.

And when the feeling arises, I can put my bridge JB Jr in humbucker mode, blast the gain (Modern channel), and that Mesa can turn into a pant-flapping, window-shattering demon.
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Usually around a 6 or 7.
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I've had 13 before. Believe it or not, my father's got some dusty old amp sitting around in a shed that goes to 20.

You absolutely can't beat that.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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I really like a nice square-wave fuzz. The sort where you can actually the interference when you play more than one note at a time. You play a tritone and your coffee cup explodes. It's beautiful.
I'm a fan of distortion without much grind or chunk, but plenty of articulation and sustain. I loooove me that smooth articulate distortion. That articulation has to translate to rhythm as well for my ideal though.
I crank my Plexi's volume to 10 and let it self distort. (With an attenuator of course)
switch around from 50s and punk i like em both
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I usually have the master volume higher than the preamp gain or channel volume.
"A little more (dirty blues/50's rock)", "12 o'clock (classic 50's rock)", "bit more (dirty, punk)" and "hard rock"; Natural drive for the first, TS9 for the "12 o' clock" and "Hard Rock", and my Big Muff for "Bit More".

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i like a small, 'dirty blues' amount from my amp, and overdrive/distortion pedals to pust it to 'bit more'
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
All of the above at the same time separately.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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