So I want to start recording my guitar through my computer.

I know a few basic things like :

-I need a software recording/modulation program , like guitar rig 3.
-I need a recording interface to input the guitar into the computer, but I need to know more about interfaces.

But that's about it.

I want to know more about interfaces and the software programs in general, as I don't know much and would like to know how they work and how to operate them properly.

I just really need to learn as I want to home record.

Thanks in advance.

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always a good place to start learning.
Start with the guide then,
I would suggest taking a look at the rigs suggestions that he has.

Basically you need a comp, interface, moniters, mic, cables, mic stand, software, and your good to go.

If you are wanting specific suggestions and the like we are going to need a budget and what instruments you are dealing with. Also knowing comp specs. and how many of said instruments you want to record at a time is useful.