I can't solo, but I wanted it to be a full cover. My timing's off in a lot of places and the sync is pretty bad between both guitars. The volume is spastic near the end of the song and I've lost the original files in a reformat.

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Timing is really bad. And the double guitars just made it worse. Record with one guitar then double track.

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You don't have any metronome? Can be hard if you don't have...
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at the beginning when you play e5 D5 C#5 C5 you want to mute the strings for a very short amount of time (espacially when you play D5 C#5 C5). that is how metallica do it and it makes it sound way tighter. and there are some smaller mistakes in the second part of the verse and the solo parts - mostly timing stuff, but i think you know that. but apart from that really good cover. i like that you used 2 guitars. it is hard to play like that
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