Hi all. I've been listening to the live version of This Velvet Glove by RHCP, and it seems that in some parts there's some sort of effect being used that's like an envelope filter, but only above a certain point in volume. If you play a note below this threshhold, it doesn't get processed. But after a certain point, you her the high portion of the wah-type noise, but as the note sustains and drops in volume, it reverts to normal after it drops below the threshhold. Am I hearing things or does something like this actually exist; all the envelope filters I've seen apply to all volumes.
Maybe it's an envelope filter where you get selectable frequency response, something that allows for you to only envelope certain frequencies. I've sworn I must have seen that before
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moogerfooger murf?

edit: can the murf do that?

MoogerFoogers can do anything.

but seriously its probably a combination od froosh'e whammy and like 4 mooger fooger effect things
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