help me decide what i should ask for xmas

my mom and dad are seperated (by like 300 km) so they each get me something and i decided to get a new guitar for xmas, thats a no brainer. for example, someone with no brain would have chosen that. anyways, i for my second present im stuck between getting

A: a keyboard


B: weights

both of these i can do at school but i prefer doing stuff at home and alone, cuz thats how i am

anyways. which would YOU take, if you were in my position?

ps. thank you for taking time from your busy life to help me with my pathetic problem
Ha, me, busy life? Get real here

I'd take the keyboard, although it depends, are you needing to get in shape for sports, or get your chops up for a rock-off?

EDIT: Should've done a poll.
I love how half the threads these days are "What in the WORLD am I going to ask for for Christmas!?".
We have it tough HUH.