alright...i am working on a project that involves a fender strat and metal. what i am looking for is a schematic for two 81's, two 2-way switches, one volume, and 2 tone knobs. both of the two way switches are going to be on/off. the guitar has been wired before, but i get nasty feedback when im not playing. it sounded fine as long as i was playing. im thinking it is a ground problem. i will take any help i can get. thnx
^ So you wired it OK before, but it has feedback?

Well, active EMGs don't need to be grounded.

Did you wire the output jack correctly? If you followed a schem before, than that is your most likely source of error.
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Why is it that the answer to all wiring problems is "ground problem"? It's not a friggin' ground problem, it's a pickup problem. Pot them and they won't feedback so much. Turning down the amp volume and backing away helps too.

Otter: EMGs are grounded by the battery via the sleeve of a 1/4" mono plug that connects the ring and sleeve lugs of the jack when inserted.

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^ OH, I see.
I did not know that, and I learned something today.
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