ok wen i watch people when they are fingerpicking, they occasionally strum with their hand with no pick. i was wondering how they do this; like wut fingers they use etc.
in ukulele playing i use my middle and ring to strum down and my thumb to strum up, if that answers your question. in classical i use my index middle and ring to get that reverbish type of sound.
Use the nails on your index finger and thumb for a stronger attacking sound, like the sound you get from a pick. For a more muffled sound just use your thumb without the nail.
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You can try leaving your index finger very loose like packing a can of dip and letting it lightly touch the strings as your wrist invents a rhythm.
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I use my thumb for a more muted and fatter sound, and strike with the nails on my first two or three fingers more articualted and bright sounds. Sometimes i sort of bunch my fingers toghther and sort of flick them at the board, or roll all my nails over the strings successively depending on what i want my chords to sound like.
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well you can use them all if you want, like when doing rasgueados in flamenco. i mainly use my index and thumb with the thumbnail which i keep longer than normal. but sometimes for a brighter effect i will use my middle and ring finger in downstrokes.

got five fingers! try using them all, experiment etc