If anyone has heard the song Betrayal from my profile, this is the second part to the song. It starts off almost the same as Betrayal ends, but progresses into a much darker feel than the first. The ending section is pretty influenced by me listening to a lot of Meshuggah recently.
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Nice, right at 4:20.

Anyway, I like the 1st part of the song on your profile.
Very well done.
Reminds of me of Protest the Hero meets Pantera...IN HELL!
And random bits of mathcore with thrash.
And melodeath.

I haven't even heard the 2nd part, but I have great expectations if you say that it's Meshuggah influenced.
Just hit me back up so I can do a crit on this part, as it's pretty late and I gotta work tomorrow.
I told you to message me soon after!
I was looking for this, but I forgot the name.

Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug.
Bars 5-6 are not for me.
The thrashin verse groove right after is where I feel the song picks-up.

I really like what appears to be the chorus. Good use of a simple melody.

Glad you didn't go for a chug-a-lug breakdown, and went with a more brooding one (bar 30).
The build-up to the next riff is good drumwise, but the guitars just don't push it here.

It's all nice and gravy until bar 70. The melodies are good, but rhythmically, it feels a little.
The riff at 70 is excellent.

Yep, I see the Meshuggah at the outro.
Quite easily the best part of the song.

You should insert a solo somewhere in there.

The original tempo was pretty slow, so I upped it to 177-180 and this song sounds a lot better now.
It's better paced and everything.
The build up after the break down really fills up now.

The Meshuggah-styled outro still retains it's relevance after changing the rest of the songs tempo.

You could easily play this song with the changes in the speed, seeing as how your other song is a lot more quicker paced.

9/10 with the tempo change.

Try Elonia or Lycotrope.