Here's a new piece I'm working on, not sure where to go with it. Leave it as is, add more, discard it all together, etc.... Any advice welcome, thanks

At least in jail you have hopes of getting out
I've got a lifetime of failures I'd trade for that
It's not that I've failed so much that bothers me
It's the fact that I didn't do anything about it
I used to think to myself maybe tomorrow
There's plenty of time to fix what I've broken
But tomorrow comes and goes past still in pieces
And there's nothing left for me to fix anymore

I lie in bed and think to myself about life
Not the past, present or even the future of it
But the last seconds before it all fades to black
And all I have left to do is face what I haven't
That moment where your forced to look at it all again
What I never did, the expectations I never met
I always put everything off until tomorrow
What happens when I have no tomorrow left?
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