Hey guys. i tried searching tuning key and yea alot of stuff came up but none that i was looking for. anyways i have an epi lespaul and i havent had any problems with it (except for some pretty crap fret buzz) but other than that all is well. Then i did a full bend on the G-string and i heard the kind of 'click' sound of when u untune a string. so after i did that bend the string became completely out of tune so i retuned it. (yes ive said 'tune' alot). i start playing again and i do the same bend on all the strings and all of them handled it fine and everything stayed in tune except for the g-string. the tuning key is like unwinding everytime i do a bend. What's the problem?

tl;dr: g-string keeps untuning while everything remains fine, whats the deal?
You probably didn't stretch the string all the way when you replaced it, so when did a bend it probably coiled all the way. Just tune up again.

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its actually a pretty old string (this cud be the reason actually). and i tried untuning it then retuning it and left it for a couple hours. i went back to it and the string was still in tune but once i did the bend it went out of tune again.