I've been looking for lumber yards that sell mahogany that is suitable for use in a guitar, as well as one that sells maple suitable for a top. I can only find ones that sell crappy Tassie oak, radiata pine and the like.

So this is a question to anyone who has bought wood from a lumber yard in Sydney, Australia: can you tell me where you bought it? Also, if anyone could recommend a website that sells wood with cheap shipping (I don't want the wood to be overly cheap because as they say you get what you pay for), that'd the equally appreciated.

I reckon Perry's prices can be a bit dear, but I forgot about him; if I can't find anything else, I'll go for him.
perry does get a bit dear, but omg thats some nice figured tops
have you had a look a LP Addicts wood for sale?
It is a bit dear, but its the same wood he uses on his guitars, so its top quality. I was asking LP Addict about postage to Aus and it was about 50$US if i remember correctly, so you would be better off to buy from somewhere local
lol yea I know there must be a good lumber yard somewhere, but I can't really find what I'm looking for. I guess I'll keep looking and if I can't find anything I'll come back here. thnx