I was thinking about it. and maybe some early Death song? also what was the first modern breakdown. who did it and what song.
what do you mean by breakdown? like chugga chug chugga chugga? or an actual structural breakdown that songs have had since forever? if its the first it came from punk/hardcore for sure. if its the 2nd its been done forever
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eh.. not the first, and not like what odern breakdowns consist of, but nonetheless, i love it in "TV Eye" by the Stooges.. and that was 1970, decently early?
first of all neither lamb of god or god forbid are death metal. i think you mean metalcore. and in that case the first metal core breakdown surely occured somewhere in the mid to late 90's. however it came from the hardcore side of the equation anyway so its been going on way longer- think cro mags and other **** like that or maybe even earlier
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"
apparently tht actually started in early electronic dance music or sumthin like tht...basicly a part in the song where they slow it down and stuff..
but punk and hardcore took the concept and made it into wat we kno it as
I thought breakdowns where in mostly metalcore bands?
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I don't think Chuck Schuldiner could bring himself to even consider using on of those hardcore breakdowns. Structured I could see, I haven't listened to Death in forever, but def not Generi-breakdown.
ok...a little more specific. im talking dropped d or c tuning, and chugging on open strings, like DADA.....DA..DA.....DADA.....
ya that would be comin from the hardcore scene. and since it was so underground with very little publicity early on, i highly doubt anyone really knows that answer.
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"
Domination seems like a good answer to me

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the first real metal break down was for shure Domination- PanterA so was one of the first death growls like lamb of god does
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The earliest breakdown in the style of what's typically associated with modern offshoots of hardcore that I can think of is:

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today


Probably not the first though.
pantera's domination most definitely
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Well really, you can't chart who did the "first" of anything in music, because someone can come along and cite a band having been influenced from such and such's song. Example: If you say Led Zeppelin, someone says Beatles. Therefore, I'm gonna say it was one of Beethoven's teachers who wrote the first breakdown.
modern breakdown?I would have to say something from Suffocation,definitely. Im just pulling this outta my ass however.
How about breakdowns in jazz?
Or The Beatles' carnival breakdown in Benefit of Mr. Kite?
Or maybe just Morbid Angel or some ****.
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People are a bit annoying in here. A breakdown isn't really a song....It's a slower section of a song. I vote Domination for the first stereotypical breakdown.

If Lamb of God is Death Metal to you.....Some people on here could blow your mind.
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Domination? I dunno. Reign in Blood has some parts that could be construed as breakdowns as well. Once people started using the electric guitar as a rhythmic instrument in heavy metal breakdowns appeared everywhere.
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