Me and a friend sat down and wrote a song a while back and I cant for the life of me put any music behind it. We took it to another one of our friends and he couldnt do anything for it because it rhymed too much. And I'm pretty sure we did go a bit overboard on the rhyming part of it but how do you write a good lyrics without not overdoing the rhymes or underdoing the rhymes. They way we had it was every other line rhymed. If anyone has any advice on writing or composing I' really need it.
Rhymed too much? what is yopr friend into, Indie or something?

Start by figuring out a melody, and then try and see what chords go with the melody you have.
nah, were into the 80's styled rock and some of the classic country. He really likes Pink Floyd and I'm more into Def Leppard. But it was the first song we ever wrote and thats been a while back.