After reading Erik Erikson's 8 life stage virtues (pretty interesting, heres a link(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Erikson#Erikson.27s_theory_of_personality ) I've been thinking alot about life. It really scares me, because I realized that the stages are pretty accurate, in the content and in the order in which they've happened.

Right now, being a teenager, im on stage 5 (Identity Vs Role Confusion). I honestly don't know how to define myself, probably because I refuse to stereotype myself. Maybe I refuse to stereotype myself because each sterotype has some kind of negative connotation with it, and in accepting my stereotype, than that would be accepting a negative tribute. But in not accepting a stereotype, am I, for lack of better term, failing this stage?

Also, I don't really want to go through the older stages (Mid-life Crisis, acceptance of death). As stupid as that sounds, I just dont really want to deal with it...

Sadly, the Pit is the most helpful forum I know of on the internet (granted I don't go to alot of forums...), so please don't flame.

What are your opinions on Erik Erikson?

It doesn't surprise me that Erik is Danish. I know nothing of this man, but after quickly reading that link, I think this might interest you.
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