is it bad to leave your guitar tuned like this from say one night to the next afternoon? i have been tuning it back to standard when i'm done playing but i've read it's not good for the strings to keep tuning back and forth.
I just googled it and apparently the extra tension can be bad for the neck, do you use thin strings cause they will be better for it
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I doubt it will be bad for the neck. Acoustic guitar necks are made to be extremely sturdy. They can take quite a lot of tension.
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i'm using gibson light strings on it right now. just seems like a lot of tension to have on the neck.
I use Open E tuning alot and i just leave it for as long as i need to, then tune it back. Shouldnt be a problem if a simple open tuning damages your guitar obviously you need a higher quality instrument quite frankly.
Retuning the guitar from standard to E D or G a lot can damage the strings - I used to break a lot of G strings at the tuner "eye" when I retuned frequently (don't cut the excess length off, a reef knot above the nut can save buying a new set of strings).
The neck should stand the extra tension with light strings on a regular basis ... but I wouldn't leave it like that with anything heavier.