I was wondering the pits opinion on the competition?

Has anyone heard of it? If not its the national Australian football (soccer) competition. It realitively young being only in its 4th season but has become rather popular in Australia.

But ya just wanted to know if anyone had heard of it and if so what they think.
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its ok i guess, getting better because more money for clubs=better players=better to watch.

it'll get better in the next few years
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it goes alright.. defiantly not as good as the EPL...
Could use some more teams.. if we could get any other players.
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Yeah, these new leagues always take a while to get good. I've not seen the A-league although i imagine it's gone downhill since the mighty Dwight Yorke left.
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It'd be better if the teams names weren't so gay, "Perth glory" c'mon there must be something better than that. Hopefully they'll get a better kit, the purple looks as camp as christmas.

Though all the improvments in the world won't change the fact that it's like watching a little league game.
Woooo! Melbourne!

I support them vaguely as I manage them on Football Manager in an A League challenge with my mates.

That and the fact Kevin Muscat plays for them