Trying to walk outta there with a Highway One strat, a condenser mic, and a multitrack recorder.
What should my gameplan be going into the store, and what should I try to get thrown in for free?
Bag/strap is something to try get for free. Maybe a tab book.
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Don't go in acting like you actually have money. Pick up the guitar, act surprised at how it plays and then "umm" and "ahhh" from there.
GC can't haggle anymore, new rules. Good luck, but don't expect ANYTHING. Sorry.
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Yeah I thought they were on a no budging on price at all policy?

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GC can't haggle anymore, new rules. Good luck, but don't expect ANYTHING. Sorry.

Wow that blows. Hopefully it will give more local shops business.

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Ask for a manager. There is room for a little price drop, I never paid the asking price at GC or Daddy's. If you ask the salesman he is just going to go to the manager anyway. Search the web and find lower prices and print and bring that with you. Supposedly they will at least match a competitors price. When I shop at these stores I befriend someone either a manager or one of the top sales staff and go to them all the time and every once in a while I'll bring them a 5 or 10 dollar Dunkin Donuts gift card because they do take care of me but I also buy a load of guitars and accesssories. I go to GC and Daddy's about 2 times a week so I am well known. Most salesmen come and go usually the managers and a few top guys stay. It can't hurt to try and be prepared to walk away if they don't want to make you a deal a lot of the time they will head you off before you leave and offer you something.

Quote by Sid McCall
GC can't haggle anymore, new rules. Good luck, but don't expect ANYTHING. Sorry.

this is true.
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you're not getting jack ****. my friend got his first guitar and amp, and they wouldn't give him picks or cables or a $2 dollar strap for....A $2 DOLLAR STRAP!!!

It's like when I got my Hellraiser; they wouldn't throw in picks and a strap so I had to shovel out an extra like 30 bucks (Planet Waves straps are worth it though). Mom and Pop stores would definitely throw stuff like that in for free, even with the countries terrible economy. ****, I got my first guitar from a mom and pop store and I got the guitar, a 10 watt practice amp, picks, a strap, and cables for $150 bucks....the guitar itself went for like 290 bucks in stores but since it was my first guitar they were willing to go pretty low. And my RG is pretty damn good. My friend paid almost that much for an incredibly ****ty Squier Bullet from GC.
Yeah...big stores like GC wont haggle unless you know the staff...

my local shop gives me free picks every now and then, but the shop owners a really nice guy. i went into a larger store a while back, they even asked me for the 50p pick back i used to test the guitars out with.
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